Treasures HTML5 GAME

Board the pirate ship at your own risk, matey! Be quick and careful, because those wicked pirates will test you to the limit in this memory game!

Don't let yourself put to sleep by the relaxing sailing atmosphere, the ship's explosion will wake you anyway! Every stage has an added pair of chests, making the game harder and harder. Yar!

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  • Number of players 1 player, for all ages
  • Genre Puzzle / Memory
  • Language English, French
  • Min. system requirements HTML5-compatible browser

How to play ?

Goal :

Find all the matching pairs of chests before the time runs out.

How ?

Tap on the chests to open them.


  • Touch / Mouse: Open chest
  • Esc / P: Pause / Resume
  • M / S: Mute / Unmute


  • Pre-rendered cell-shaded 3D graphics
  • Playable with yar hook cap'tain!
  • Relaxing sailing atmosphere
  • Rewarding ending but..
  • ..almost unbeatable game!


Developed by the Oliver Pearl crew with Clickteam Fusion.

Samples used from Freesound :