Oliver Pearl presents

Slydrs slide on your tablets, smartphones and the Web!

Slydrs game - screenshot - 3 robots

Slydrs is a challenging block-sliding puzzler with funny cute orange-colored robots.

Solve 48 levels of increasing difficulty. Each level is made of a differently shaped grid of squares, and contains a variable amount of funny cute orange-colored robots and switches. To complete a level you must place a robot over each switch. Do it by dragging the robots horizontally or vertically. The tricky part is that the robots slide in a straight line until they hit an obstacle.

  • 48 levels in 4 environments...
  • Replay your best game for each level
  • No timer, play relaxed
  • Shiny and cute visuals
  • Engaging audio
  • Mouse, touch or keyboard control
  • Universal app for iOS, Android and the Web

Slydrs game - screenshot - 4 robots

In the first levels you can move the robots without much thinking, and you will eventually succeed with a relative ease. But completing advanced levels is more challenging, and requires to think of a strategy before performing most moves. This is even more true if you want to reach the perfect score, the fewest moves needed to complete a level.

For each level, your best game (or fewest moves) is saved and can be replayed. This is useful if you want to improve or share your moves.

SLYDRS is available for FREE on iOS, Android and the Web.

Think before moving them !